Download Free versions of Foodman

IMPORTANT: After downloading the software, be sure to get an update for your system from the website.
You must also visit Installation Tips for information about hardware, installation, etc.

If you have a restaurant using waiters, you need Server-Station which also does Take-Out.

If you do not have waiters, you need Home-Delivery, which, in
addition to handling delivery orders also handles Take-out,
Eat-in, Pizzerias, Fast Food, General Retail, Cafeterias, etc.

Office-Delivery is used for corporate catering and high-volume
lunch business.


When you click on the links above, the Windows File Download window
will appear. Click on OPEN or RUN to download the software to your PC.

Attention VISTA users: After installing Foodman on your PC, you may
get a message to the effect that Foodman "may not have installed
correctly". It will have installed correctly in spite of what Vista thinks.
If this does happen, do NOT left-click on the Foodman icon, but, instead,
right-click on the Foodman icon and then click on properties and
then "Run as Administrator".

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