Suzuki GS500F - Helmet-Mounted GoPro Hero3 Video Recorder.
Videos are produced using Serif MoviePlus. Songs recorded from YouTube using Audacity.
The Joy of Motorcycling
Come Ride With Me
Motorcycling Videos by:
Tony Dilworth

I first encountered the Joy of Motorcycling in 1982 and, with like-minded acquaintances, 
explored the country roads which abound in Western and Northern NJ, Southern NY
State and Connecticut every Sunday thereafter, for years and years...

The Country-Road videos exemplify those Sunday rides and will allow those acquaintances who no 
longer ride to re-live those happy long-ago Sundays.  They will give the non-rider a
perspective on riding from the rider's point of view. Finally, they will refresh my memories 
after I am reduced to pedestrian-status.

The Manhattan Rides videos will give non-New Yorkers a look at the city and a taste of riding in Manhattan.

By the way, now that YouTube has become a permanent part of the digital universe, having my 
videos on YouTube gives me immortality, albeit digital.

YouTube will serve videos according to the perceived bandwidth
(your Internet connection speed). Because of this, the video
may be shown at less than 1080P. Correct this by clicking on
the 'gear' icon and change it to 1080P otherwise it will be ugly.
(it may be necessary to click on 1080p several times to make it 'stick'.)

N.B. When watching the videos, rather than take the Point-of-View of the rider,
instead take the Point-of-view of the passenger and look to the sides and top
of the frame rather than looking straight ahead. 

Be sure to watch the videos on the largest screen available.

       Manhattan Rides.          
        (ALL of the Videos are 1080p HD. Use the Gear Icon on Youtube to correct the resolution)
Duration Posted Title/Audio 05:33 07/28/14 Lanesplitting on the Queensboro Bridge. - Artie Shaw - Concerto for Clarinet. *NEW* 14:45 07/28/14 From Flatiron to Woolworth. - Bizet - Carmen Suite *NEW* 06:52 07/28/14 The Bottom of Broadway. - The Doors - Riders on the Storm. *NEW* 05:58 07/28/14 Broadway - Amsterdam - 79th St. - Eugen Doga - Rondo *NEW* 13:46 07/28/14 Most of 57th Street. - Coltrane Plays the Blues *NEW* 09:36 07/28/14 1st Avenue - 42nd to 96th. - Vivaldi - The Four Seasons - Spring. *NEW* 16:09 06/07/14 Park Avenue in Blossom-Time - Benny Goodman 1938 Concert. 08:40 06/07/14 Park Avenue South. - Big Band Jazz - David Lewis Luong. 11:31 06/07/14 Little Italy. - Dean Martin - Rosemary Clooney. 17:45 06/07/14 Forty-Second Street. - Blue Note Collection. 01:10 06/07/14 Top Cat. Artie Shaw 17:37 12/09/13 Madison Avenue from 23rd St to 85th St. - Enya - Sail Away. 15:15 10/20/13 Central Park West from Columbus Circle to 109th st - Fleetwood Mac. 09:54 10/20/13 Sixth Avenue from 23rd to 59th St. - Santana. 13:14 10/20/13 Fifth Avenue from 59th to 8th St. - Eurythmics - Annie Lennox. 11:24 10/18/13 77th to 42nd via Broadway, 7th ave, Times Square. - Bram Wijnands - Broadway Boogie Woogie. 10:22 10/10/13 Fifth Avenue - 94th st to 60th st. - Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing. 10:24 10/10/13 Broadway - 73rd to 125th street. - George Benson - On Broadway. 18:03 10/10/13 Madison Avenue - Lee Morgan, Art Blakey, John Coltrane 17:22 10/01/13 Park Avenue - Rhapsody in Blue - Paul Whiteman, George Gershwin. 13:00 10/01/13 Lexington Avenue - Paul Desmond - Take Ten. 10:41 05/03/13 Central Park - West Drive in May - Miles Davis - 2-Bass Hit.

Rapid-Transit Roads (ALL of the Videos are 1080p HD. Use the Gear Icon on Youtube to correct the resolution)
Duration Posted Title/Audio 13:23 11/10/13 F.D.R. Drive to 109th st - Funktionality Mix 05:11 11/10/13 Harlem River Drive - Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive 22:08 11/10/13 Delaware Water Gap - Route 80 - Kraftwerk - Autobahn Country Roads (ALL of the Videos are 1080p HD. Use the Gear Icon on Youtube to correct the resolution)
Duration Posted Title/Audio 17:32 11/18/13 US Military Academy - West Point - Various Military Songs 12:29 11/10/13 Fall on Seven Lakes Drive - Harriman - Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 21 12:24 11/10/13 Fall on Rte 210 - Harriman - Beethoven 6th Symphony, 1st Movement. 18:29 10/20/13 Henry Hudson Drive (River Road) - Verdi - Nabucco - Chorus of the Hebrew slaves. 06:00 10/10/13 Anthony's Nose Route 6 North - Pat Martino - Oleo. 05:41 09/14/13 Perkins Drive to Bear Mountain Bridge - Beethoven - Fur Elise. 06:34 09/14/13 Anthony's Nose South on Rte 6 - Lou Donaldson - Alligator Boogaloo. 08:31 09/14/13 Bear Mountain Bridge to Palisades Interstate Parkway - Andrew Elias - Cold Hands Boogie. 14:34 09/14/13 Anthony's Nose to Cold Spring (9D) - Allman Brothers - Jessica. 04:24 03/05/13 Delaware Water Gap - Interstate 80. - Dave Brubeck - Take Five. 05:36 03/05/13 Pennsylvania Route 715 - Part 1 - Gerry Mulligan/Paul Desmond - Blues Intime. 05:59 03/05/13 Pennsylvania Route 715 - Part 2 - Miles Davis Quartet - Oleo.

See how small the camera is and how incomprehensibly TINY
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