How to Set-up Printfil with Foodman.

                        PrintFil is a utility which allows you to use USB printers with Foodman.
                        It is also used to setup multiple printers on a network. Printers may 
                        be Parallel, Serial or USB in any combination. PrintFil also has an email 
                        capability to email printed reports. You can also use it to print an image
                        on the receipts.

                        You can download a trial version from:

                        The software costs about $103.00 and is an excellent value.

                        When PrintFil is used, Foodman is directed to send all printed output
                        to disk files instead of directly to the printer.
                        Foodman allows up to seven printers on a PC. These are normally referred
                        to as LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, COM1, COM2, COM3, and COM4.
                        When PrintFil is used, these values are changed to the name of a disk
                        file.  The following screenshot of the Printer Setup page in System Setup
                        in Foodman shows that the first three printers have been changed to use
                        a disk file on drive C:.

                        The names are C:\PRINTER1\PRTR1, C:\PRINTER2\PRTR2
                        AND C:\PRINTER3\PRTR3.

                        (PRINTFIL is run in the three directories C:\PRINTER1
                        C:\PRINTER2 AND C:\PRINTER3.  Data is written to the
                        files PRTR1, PRTR2 and PRTR3 in the respective
                        directories (see below).

                        These changes must be made for each of the computers
                        on the network.  This results in each computer writing
                        to files on ITS OWN disk drive.

                        If you need more than three printers, just change
                        the values appropriately.

                        If you have only one computer with one printer and
                        you want to print receipts AND kitchen slips on that
                        one printer, then set the First-Printer field in the
                        Menu Manager to 2 so that the receipt will go to
                        C:\PRINTER1\PRTR1 and the kitchen slip to C:\PRINTER2\PRTR2.

                        After installing PrintFil, you have to set it up
                        to work with Foodman.

                        In the Foodman folder (C:\XOD, C:\XSS or C:\XHD)
                        depending on which system you use, there are files
                        which can be used to setup PrintFil.

                        PFSETUP.BAT is used to create seven directories on
                        drive C:

                        These seven directories are used to control printing
                        on up to seven printers.  It doesn't matter if you
                        use less than seven.

                        This file will also copy the file PRINTFIL.INI
                        into each of the directories which it creates.
                        PRINTFIL.INI is the file which PrintFil uses to
                        manage the printing.

                        To create the directories using PFSETUP.BAT, do the

                                Click on Start
                                Click on Run
                                Enter CMD and Click OK

                                A black window will appear.
                                Enter the following depending on
                                which Foodman system you have:


                                Then, enter "PFSETUP" and press enter.

                        Finally, type EXIT and press enter to return to

                        You only need to do this once when first installing

                        PFSETUP.BAT is as follows:

                        REM This batch creates seven directories on drive C: for use by
                        REM up to seven copies of PRINTFIL.EXE.
                        MD printer1
                        MD printer2
                        MD printer3
                        MD printer4
                        MD printer5
                        MD printer6
                        MD printer7
                        COPY C:\WINDOWS\PRINTFIL.INI
                        COPY C:\WINDOWS\PRINTFIL.INI
                        COPY C:\WINDOWS\PRINTFIL.INI
                        COPY C:\WINDOWS\PRINTFIL.INI
                        COPY C:\WINDOWS\PRINTFIL.INI
                        COPY C:\WINDOWS\PRINTFIL.INI
                        COPY C:\WINDOWS\PRINTFIL.INI



                        You have to have a version of PrintFil running
                        for each printer you have. PrintFil just sits
                        there waiting for a file to be created and
                        then prints the file to the designated printer.

                        So, if you have three printers, you need to have
                        three copies of PrintFil running, each one in its
                        own folder. 

                        Foodman comes with PFSTART.BAT which you must
                        run at the start of each day. PFSTART starts
                        three copies of PrintFil, one for PRINTER1,
                        one for PRINTER2 and one for PRINTER3.

                        You will need to make a shortcut on the desktop
                        to start PrintFil each day. Do the following:

                                Right-Click on the Desktop
                                Select "New"
                                Select "Shortcut"
                                Enter either:

                                  c:\xod\pfstart.bat or
                                  c:\xss\pfstart.bat or

                                depending on which Foodman system you have.

                        Double-Clicking the shortcut will run PFSTART.BAT
                        which will run the three copies of PrintFil to handle
                        the three printers.

                        The PFSTART.BAT is as follows:

                            START C:\"PROGRAM FILES"\PRINTFIL\PRINTFIL.EXE
                            START C:\"PROGRAM FILES"\PRINTFIL\PRINTFIL.EXE
                            START C:\"PROGRAM FILES"\PRINTFIL\PRINTFIL.EXE

                        After running PFSTART, you will notice that there are
                        three icons on the TaskBar, as follows:

Right click on each of three icons (as required) and select Configuration/Standard shown as below:
Change the FILE TO CHECK appropriately to the file name(s) as described above. You must also select the Printer for that file. Make sure the Capture Port is blank. You may also change the Font, as required. Click OK Note that you only have to do this ONCE. After you have changed the appropriate values, they will remain. You still have to run PFSTART at the beginning of the day. Using Printfil on a Peer-to-Peer network. When using Printfil on a network, Printfil (and Foodman) must be installed ONLY on the server. When a network is used, the Hard Drive on the Server is given a different Drive-Letter (e.g., K:). The other computer(s) will run the Foodman and Printfil software from the designated drive (K:). Create folders on the other computer(s), using either C:\OD, C:\SS, or C:\HD accordingly. You must then copy the PFSETUP and PFSTART batch files from the server. COPY K:\Xxx\PF*.BAT (Where xx is OD,SS or OD.) This will copy the two batch files from the drive K: on the server to drive C:\Xxx appropriately. It will be necessary to change PFSTART to reflect the fact that it will be running from drive K:, as follows:. C: CD\PRINTER1 START K:\"PROGRAM FILES"\PRINTFIL\PRINTFIL.EXE CD\PRINTER2 START K:\"PROGRAM FILES"\PRINTFIL\PRINTFIL.EXE CD\PRINTER3 START K:\"PROGRAM FILES"\PRINTFIL\PRINTFIL.EXE Then run PFSETUP and PFSTART and PRINTFIL as described above. 9/4/2012