This is an email I sent to Teknic.
       I recently bought a pair of Teknic Freeway boots.
       It is glaringly apparent that you do not employ anyone who
       actually rides motorcycles to test your products. They have 
       the following annoying flaws.
       1. The sole of a motorcycle boot should be like a slick tyre.
          Your boots have a sole with lots of ridges. I have to use
          a dirt road to get my bike out and when it rains the road
          is muddy. The mud sticks in the ridges which results in
          in me tracking mud everywhere I go until it has fallen off.
          (Which takes some time).  The mud gets stuck on the footpeg
          too. The sole should be very grippy but with no ridges so 
          that stuff does not get stuck in them. 
       2. The patch on the left boot for protection from the gear lever
          is incorrectly positioned.
          Normally, one's instep is placed on the footpeg. With your
          boots, when one's instep is on the footpeg, the gear lever
          is forward of the patch on the boot.  This hurts the toe
          and wears the boot in the wrong place.
          To remedy this, I had to cut about an inch off the heel on
          the left boot so that my foot would be further forward and
          the patch would be under the gear lever. Even with the
          inch cut off, the patch is still not forward enough and I
          will probably have to cut off another half inch. (Curiously,
          after cutting off the piece of heel, a hole into the boot
          is revealed. If I step in a puddle the water will go into
          the hole.)
       3. The velcro-closing flaps on the boots are just too annoying
          for words. They apparently have no useful purpose and are
          a triumph of 'style' over substance.  They are annoying when
          you put them on and annoying when you take them off. 
          I have cut them off which makes putting the boots on 
          and taking them off much less annoying. They also fit 
          better inside my trousers.
       4. These Teknic boots attempt to take your socks off during the
          course of the day.  My socks just work their way down and
          end up bunched up under the sole.  One has to stop every
          now and then and unzip the boots and pull up the socks.
          This is very annoying and very uncomfortable. I have never
          known any other footwear to have this horrible attribute and
          I have worn lots of footwear during my 67 years. 
       In the future, you should let someone who actually rides test
       your boots for you. I would be pleased to do this for you at no
       Thank you
       Tony Dilworth