Well, Well, Mr.Bell

by Tony Dilworth - July 14th, 2009
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Brad Bell was one of our gang of motorcycle loonies (not me) who
risked doom on the weekends in the late eighties and early nineties
on their magnificent machines.

The gang gradually lost interest in defying death (not me) as the years passed and lost contact.
Brad and I regained contact via the internet and I went to visit him in Florida, NY, on July 12th, 2009.

Here is Brad's most prized possession, a 1986 Honda NRL1000 (NRL=Not Ridden Lately)

Brad is in the grass business (no, not that kind of grass). Here is one of his lorries.

This is Fang, Brad's ferocious guard dog (he guards his bone)

Mr. Bell surveys his kitchen which is bigger than my entire apartment.

Mr. and Mrs. Bell (Donna) Donna is a cooker extraordinaire of chicken and spuds.
Not to mention that she also provides visitors with Napoleons.

The Bell Mansion

We went for a drive to Corporate Headquarters - about 4 miles. Nevertheless,
Brad still managed a top speed of 116mph during the trip.

Super Zoomy Honda S2000

Beside the lake, beneath the trees... Mr. Bell has his own pond complete with ducks.

Part of the vast corporate complex of Bell Lawn.

Corporate HQ

And, finally, a shot from the eighties with Brad in the lead.