October 22nd, 2011
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Joey Dunlop MBE, OBE 1952-2000

The King of the Roads in his natural habitat:  

The Isle of Man - Observe the ample run-off, adequate crash barriers, etc. . . 

26 TT wins as of 2000 - observe the youthful competition. . . 

              Joey WAS a publican. . .



Joey and his lovely family.

Wotta Dad!

He did finally manage to quit. . .

We'll never forget that yellow helmet. . .

More than 50,000 people attended the funeral. . . 

    The obituary from the Ballymoney Borough Council.

Mr Joey Dunlop O.B.E.

In a career which has brought him success on most of the motor cycling world’s outstanding circuits Joey Dunlop remained the quiet, cheerful, unaffected family man from Ballymoney.

He made no boasts, issued no threats, avoided the headlines and concentrated on getting on with the job. Joey, "The King of the Roads"border=3, through courage and ambition became the most successful rider of all time.

In addition to winning five Formula One World Championships he has made sporting history by setting a new world record of 26 wins in the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Races.

His feats have been suitably recognised at the highest level by the award to him in 1986 by Her Majesty The Queen of the M.B.E. This was followed in 1996 by the award of the O.B.E. for his humanitarian efforts.

Throughout his career, Joey always brought great honour not only to his home Borough but to Northern Ireland.

It was fitting that Ballymoney Borough Council should, in 1993, confer the greatest honour available to it, the Freedom of the Borough, on one who had become its most successful sporting hero and undoubtedly its best known citizen.

The whole community is stunned and saddened by Joey’s tragic death in Tallinn, Estonia on 2nd July 2000.

The heartfelt sympathy of the Mayor, Aldermen and Councillors of the Borough Council and of the citizens of the Borough go to his wife Linda, children Julie, Donna, Gary, Richard and Joanne, his mother and father and the family circle.